The mind is a garden. How does yours grow?


Smartphone Note Spells


Chances are high that the first interaction you had today was with your beloved smartphone.

I don’t know about you, but the amount of time I spend staring at a rectangular piece of glowing glass amazes me whilst making me wonder how I still have decent posture. I think that it’s safe to say that our collective addiction to instantaneous communication and cute animal videos won’t go away anytime soon.

We spend A LOT of time enveloped in cyberspace and our technology connects us in more ways than we know. What I mean by this is that what we consistently consume, we create in our realities. What are we bombarding our brains with through means of screens? Potentially concerning, right? But not necessarily! When used in the right way, our phones can become a tool to connect us to what we want.

Try this:

Because it is a consistent part of my existence, I use my phone as a form of clarity, focus and magnetism to the things that I want. And DAMN, does it work.

  1. Open a new note in your phone and give it a “grateful” title, such as “Thank you for…”, “Please and thank you…”, “Thank you that…”.

  2. Make a list of the things you want but word them in the past tense, as if you already have them. Be as specific and descriptive as possible. Be crystal clear on what it is that you want for yourself.


3. Add emojis. Don’t skip this step! Visualization and imagery are key.


4. Read this list when you wake up in the morning and as many times as you can throughout the day. Tempted by mindless Instagram scrolling? Read your list instead. Generate the feelings of gratitude and excitement you would have, as if you’ve already attained these things. Hold on to the feelings this generates in the most vivid and colourful way you can and use it as momentum for the rest of your day.

5. Sit back and get excited! Know that it’s yours and that it’s on its way (exactly like a book order from Amazon). The trick here is that there’s no trick. Only surrender and relaxed expectation. Don’t over think it.

SO how the hell does this work? Two ways:

  1. Getting clear about what you want doesn’t give the Universe room to fuck around. You ordered the peanut butter sundae with extra toppings and you won’t be accepting freezer burnt vanilla.  

  2. Energy goes where thought flows. Generating feelings of gratitude and excitement for things in your life will make you glow, regardless of if they are even in your life yet. The universe doesn’t know the difference between metaphysical gratitude and physical possession- It just wants to throw more glitter confetti to align with the positive vibes you already jive with. I guess you could say that the rich get richer when it comes to “luck” and manifestation.

The following things were once emojis in my Iphone notes:  

♥︎ A guy I’m crazy about 👫

♥︎ A job that doesn’t feel like work ✈️

♥︎ like-hearted friends 👯‍♀️

♥︎ Random interactions with famous role models 🤩

♥︎ opportunities and magical coincidences ✨😍

The best part is deleting your list, once your dreams have materialized in real life 😉.