The mind is a garden. How does yours grow?


If You Feel Lost


⭐︎You are a constellation

⭐︎A cosmic connect-the-dots.

⭐︎A grid map of moments, each point seamlessly linked to the next. 

The spot in which you find yourself standing is where you are supposed to be. Joyous or heavy, stable or uncertain, abundant or bleak, your present moment is a luminous accumulation of everywhere you have ever been.

Think of life like meandering an intricate maze, a maze in which there are no wrong turns

Looking back on my life thus far, there have been sharp points that have hurt me, corners that I’ve questioned and deadends that I’ve resented. We all experience SO much of what, in the moment, just feels like meaningless and useless pain.

 Life involves a lot of suffering but… 

life also involves a lot of beauty. 

When you zoom out and look at your past experiences, both good and bad, how might they all link together and make sense? 

⭐︎If I hadn’t felt inadequate as a teenager, I wouldn’t have had an eating disorder.—> If I never had to struggle with mental health problems.—-> I wouldn’t have had to get better.—-> If I didn’t have to get better, I wouldn’t have as much knowledge or empathy.—-> If I didn’t have knowledge or empathy, I wouldn’t be passionate.—--> If I wasn’t passionate, I wouldn’t generate the connections and opportunities that I have. 

⭐︎If I wasn’t in the wrong relationship, I wouldn’t have wanted to quit university and move to another city.—-> If I wasn’t inclined to move, I wouldn’t have become a flight attendant.—-> I’m able to be a flight attendant because I speak French.—-->I’m only able to speak French because I made the decision to be very lonely in France.—-> If I didn’t learn French I would never have become a flight attendant in Calgary.—-> If I wasn’t a flight attendant in Calgary I wouldn’t have found the man I love. 

And the connections could go on and on...

What about you? Where have the stars in your constellation led you so far? 

If your life is currently wonderful, think of all the blessings in unpleasant disguise that have made your current state possible. If life is currently difficult, know that this time could very well be exactly what you need to get to the amazing places you’re going. 

You can resent your hardships or choose to see the bigger picture. 

Keep shining, no matter what.